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Volkswagen Eurovan Key Fobs

Discount Keyless Entry Remotes

Most Volkswagen Eurovan key fobs will also work with other Volkswagen vehicles. Check the listings below to see which keyless entry remote will work with your Volkswagen Eurovan and buy one today.

We are constantly changing in the above list. Revisit us for more options.

Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
1997 - 2003 NBG735868T HLO1J0959753T, HLO1J0959753F
2001 NBG92596263 HLO 1J0959753DJ, HLO 1J0959753AM, HLO 1K0 959 753 P

We have added this table in an effort to provide our customers with the most information possible to be able to correctly identify the right key fob for their vehicle. Please let us know if your current remote FCC ID or part number isn't shown.
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Programing InstructionsVolkswagen Eurovan Key Fob Programming Instructions
If you're purchasing a new remote and don't know how to program it or you just need to get it working after a battery change, here are some key fob programming instructions to help you get started. You should be back working in no time.

- No programming instructions available. -

Leave us a comment if you're not finding what you need or would like to share some information about your vehicle's remote. We'd like to keep our site updated with all the latest information so if you see an error, let us know.

Jack says:
Need to program my remotes for 2001 Eurovan, or need another remote if mine are bad. Tried with VW remote programming info but doesnt work. So, do you have remotes (w/ square buttons) and instructions for this '01 EV? Thanks
Robert J Lindberg says:
I need the fob flip key style for my 2002 VW Eurovan BUT it is a Winnebago RIALTA . The fob has only 2 buttons lock and unlock ( for Rialta has no trunk ony cargo compartment). the flipkey should open doors remotely and manually by inserting key and of course key should allow for starting of engine and driving when key in ignition. I do not want access only key. Also do you have instructions on programming when I have 3 keys and a concierge key?

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