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Mitsubishi Raider Key Fobs

Discount Keyless Entry Remotes

Mitsubishi Raider keyless entry remotes help you get in and out of your Raider quickly and safely. Have an extra Mitsubishi Raider key fob around just incase. Browse through these low priced Mitsubishi Raider keyless remotes.

The list above is constantly changing. Check back soon for more updates.

Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
2006 - 2009 KOBDT04A 05170630AA, 05170631AA, 05183348AA, 56053000AD, 56053000AH

Feel free to contact us if you don't see the correct key fob part numbers or let us know what you are looking for and what is on the back of the remote you are trying to replace. We'll add it to our table in an attempt to help our other customers out.
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Programing InstructionsMitsubishi Raider Key Fob Programming Instructions
Not all key fobs are difficult to reprogram. Below you'll find a list of available remote programming directions that you can often times do yourself in only a few minutes. Save money by doing it yourself.

- No programming instructions available. -

Leave us a comment if you're not finding what you need or would like to share some information about your vehicle's remote. We'd like to keep our site updated with all the latest information so if you see an error, let us know.

Irra says:
Re: programming instructions for 2006 Mitsubishi raider... Note when entering program mode using that fob, all other programmed transmitters will be erased and you will have to reprogram them for your vehicle. Use the following procedure to program additional key fobs if the vehicle is not equipped with Sentry Key: 1. Enter your vehicle and close all doors. 2. Fasten yo belt to cancel any chiming that may confuse you 3. Place the key into the ignition turn to on pos. do not start 4. Press and hold the UNLOCK button on the key fob. 5. After holding the UNLOCK button for four seconds, also press the PANIC button within 6 seconds. 6 When a single chime is heard release both buttons. The chime is an indication that you have successfully entered program mode. All transmitters that are to be programmed must be done so within 60 seconds of when the chime was heard. 7. Using the fob to be programmed, press and hold both the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons, simultaneously for 2 seconds and them release. 8. Press and release the UNLOCK button a single chime will be heard, 9 Repeat steps 7 and 8 to program up to six additional transmitters. 10. Turn the ignition to the OFF position. 11. Your vehicle will remain in program mode up to 60 seconds from when the original chime was heard. After 60 Seconds, all programmed transmitters function normally.

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