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Jeep Renegade Key Fobs

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Recently release to the wild, the Renegade is new to the Jeep family line up since 2015. Hopefully you do not have to replace your key fob so soon but if you are rest assured you have more options than returning to the dealer. Most people will be in the market for an extra or spare remote for another driver or just to have on hand. If you are like us, we donít like yelling "where are the keys." Having an extra on a hook is well worth the money. Browse below to see what is out there or leave us a comment if you know something we don't have listed.

Please check back soon if you didn't find what you're looking for.

Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
- No Jeep Renegade remote data found -
Contact us if you know the year(s), FCC ID(s) and/or part number(s) to your keyless remote.

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Programing InstructionsJeep Renegade Key Fob Programming Instructions
Need help or directions to program your key fob? Below are some instructions on how to program your stock remote. Many times, reprogramming will only take a few minutes to complete and is a fairly easy process.

- No programming instructions available. -

Leave us a comment if you're not finding what you need or would like to share some information about your vehicle's remote. We'd like to keep our site updated with all the latest information so if you see an error, let us know.

Mark says:
I can't believe I am already looking for a replacement fob but when you have kids...I think you know exactly what can happen. I'm afraid of how much this is going to cost me and I'm not seeing a lot of options on the market yet.

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