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Honda Accord Key Fobs

Discount Keyless Entry Remotes

Keep your wallet happy and buy one of these Honda Accord key fobs for your Accord today! These Honda Accord keyless entry remotes are good for replacements or spares. Don't pass these Honda Accord remotes up.

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Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
1992 - 1993 A269ZUA089 08E50-SM4-110
1994 - 1995 A269ZUA074 08E51-SV4-1M001
1994 - 1997 KOBUTA1T 72147-SV5-A02
1996 - 2002 A269ZUA101 08E61-S01-100
1997 A269ZUA106 72147-S04-A02
1998 - 1999 KOBUTAH2T 72147-S84-A01
1998 - 2002 KOBUTAH2T 72147-S84-A03
2003 - 2004 NHVWB1U523 08E61-S5D-1M001
2003 - 2007 OUCG8D-380H-A 35118-SDA-A11
2008 - 2009 KR55WK49308 35118-TA0-A00, 35118-TA0-A10

The above chart has been added as an aid to help you choose which key fob or remote will work best with your make and model of your vehicle. We strive to keep all our information as current and accurate as possible. Let us know if we missed adding your key fob information or if you see something that is not correct.
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Programing InstructionsHonda Accord Key Fob Programming Instructions
Not all key fobs are difficult to reprogram. Below you'll find a list of available remote programming directions that you can often times do yourself in only a few minutes. Save money by doing it yourself.

1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
NOTE: Point remote transmitter at door function control module (located in driver's door).

Within 4 seconds: Press LOCK button or UNLOCK button of first remote transmitter.

Within 4 seconds: Switch ignition OFF.

Within 4 seconds: Switch ignition ON.

Repeat procedure above twice.

Within 4 seconds: Press LOCK button or UNLOCK button of first remote transmitter.

System should now lock and unlock vehicle to indicate remote programming mode activated.

Within 10 seconds:

Press LOCK button or UNLOCK button of first remote transmitter, allowing doors to lock and unlock once.

Press LOCK button or UNLOCK button of each remaining remote transmitter to be programmed, allowing doors to lock and unlock once as each remote transmitter is programmed.

Switch ignition OFF.

Remove key.

Check operation of all programmed remote transmitters

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