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Volkswagen Passat Key Fobs

Discount Passat Keyless Entry Remotes

Volkswagen Passat keyless remotes are vehicle accessories that don't have to be replaced too often. Be smart and save money by purchasing your replacement Volkswagen Passat key fobs here today!

Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
1998 M36HUO1WT, NBG 7309567T NA
1998 - 2001 NBG8137T NA
2002 - 2006 NBG 735868T NA
We have added this table in an effort to provide our customers with the most information possible to be able to correctly identify the right key fob for their vehicle. Please let us know if your current remote FCC ID or part number isn't shown.
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The Passat key fobs, cases, keyless entry remotes and blank keys are constantly changing in the above list. Revisit us for more options.
Programing InstructionsVolkswagen Passat Key Fob Programming Instructions
Need to program or reprogram your key fob? You're in luck because here are some available key fob programming instructions that will work with your vehicle. It should only take you a few minutes and most are fairly easy to do.

- 2004 Passat Key Fob Instructions

Phil says:
I have looked around at replacing a broken key fob for my Passat and I've seen that some people are saying that you have to install a this really something I should be doing or is it better to just take it to a locksmith or the dealer? My luck I'll try to do this and blow up the computer. I see a lot of people are buying their own remote replacements so I guess it can't be that bad. Just curious if anyone had any experience with this.

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