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Toyota Corolla Key Fobs

Discount Corolla Keyless Entry Remotes

Toyota Corolla keyless entry remotes help you get in and out of your Corolla quickly and safely. Have an extra Toyota Corolla key fob around just incase. Browse through these low priced Toyota Corolla keyless remotes.

Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
1990 - 1997 BAB237131-022 08191-00870, PT398-07100
1998 - 2002 BAB237131-022, BAB237131-056 08191-00871, PT398-07101
2003 BAB237131-056 08191-00922
2003 - 2008 GQ43VT14T 89742-06010, 89742-20200

We have added this table in an effort to provide our customers with the most information possible to be able to correctly identify the right key fob for their vehicle. Please let us know if your current remote FCC ID or part number isn't shown.
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Programing InstructionsToyota Corolla Key Fob Programming Instructions
Not all key fobs are difficult to reprogram. Below you'll find a list of available remote programming directions that you can often times do yourself in only a few minutes. Save money by doing it yourself.

- 2003 Programming Instructions
- 2004 Programming Instructions
- 2005 Programming Instructions
- 2006 Programming Instructions
- 2007 Programming Instructions
- 2008 Programming Instructions

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Terrance Leger says:
1998-2002 Toyota Corolla programming procedure. 1. get in drivers seat leaving door opened and key NOT in ignition 2. insert key into ignition and remove 3. press the door lock - unlock button (on door panel switch gear) 5 times (40 secs max) 4. close drivers door then open it 5. press lock - unlock button 5 times again 6. insert key into ignition 7. turn ign key from 'lock' to 'on' ONCE (no more as you can wipe all codes) 8. remove key from ign 9. the central locking should now start locking and unlocking on it's own 10. within 20 secs press and hold the remote 'lock' switch for more than 1 second 11. once more if the receiver has received the signal the door locks should start operating on own 12. close drivers door and open it 13. press and hold the 'lock' button on remote for more than 1 second. 14. the door locks should once more cycle lock to unlock on own, once this time 15. if another transmitter need tuning carry out steps 10- 15 with next transmitter

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