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Porsche Boxster Key Fobs

Discount Boxster Keyless Entry Remotes

Porsche Boxster key fobs make locking or unlocking your vehicle a breeze. Protect your investment and get an extra Porsche Boxster keyless remote. We list low prices on all our Porsche Boxster remotes. Get yours today!

Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
1999 NA 986-637-243-04
2000 - 2004 NA TXF315P3, LTQTXF315P3, 3659104467, 98663724418
2005 - 2008 NA 000-043-400-14
We have added this table in an effort to provide our customers with the most information possible to be able to correctly identify the right key fob for their vehicle. Please let us know if your current remote FCC ID or part number isn't shown.
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Not seeing the Boxster remote, key fob, blank key or even case you are looking for? Check back in a few days.
Programing InstructionsPorsche Boxster Key Fob Programming Instructions
Need help or directions to program your key fob? Below are some instructions on how to program your stock remote. Many times, reprogramming will only take a few minutes to complete and is a fairly easy process.

- No programming instructions available. -

Dieter says:
Im looking for a new remote for my Porsche from 1996 and found your Website but didnt find a solution. Currently Ive the original key and a separate remote (Bosch: LXP RKY 116) but this remote is in bad shape. Not sure if your product portfolio has a spare-part for me. If yes, please offer!

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