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Porsche 911 Key Fobs

Discount 911 Keyless Entry Remotes

Ever paid full price for a replacement Porsche 911 keyless remote? Don't pay full price again and buy one of these factory or aftermarket Porsche 911 key fobs for half the price. Buy a Porsche 911 keyless entry remote today!

Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
1995 - 1998 LXP RKY 116 996-637-243-00
We have added this table in an effort to provide our customers with the most information possible to be able to correctly identify the right key fob for their vehicle. Please let us know if your current remote FCC ID or part number isn't shown.
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Please check back soon if you didn't find the key fob, keyless entry remote, case or even blank key you're looking for.
Programing InstructionsPorsche 911 Key Fob Programming Instructions
Save time and money by programming or reprogramming your key fob for your. You'll find the available programming instructions for your year, make and model remote below and it should only take you a few minutes to complete.

- No programming instructions available. -


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