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Ford F-150 Key Fobs

Discount F-150 Keyless Entry Remotes

Ford F-150 key fobs make getting in and out of your vehicle a breeze. Ford F-150 keyless remotes can also give you greater safety in locking and unlocking your vehicle quickly. Buy a remote that fits your Ford F-150 fast.

Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
1993 - 1997 GQ43VT4T 3165189, F6UZ-15K601-AB
1998 - 2003 CWTWB1U345, CWTWB1U331, CWTWB1U212, GQ43VT11T F8DB-15K601, F8DB-15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AA, 2L3T-15K601-AB, 8L3Z-15K601-AA
2004 - 2009 CWTWB1U345, CWTWB1U331, CWTWB1U212, GQ43VT11T F8DB-15K601-AA,†2L3T-15K601-AA,†2L3T-15K601-AB, 8L3Z-15K601-AA

The above chart has been added as an aid to help you choose which key fob or remote will work best with your make and model of your vehicle. We strive to keep all our information as current and accurate as possible. Let us know if we missed adding your key fob information or if you see something that is not correct.
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We are constantly changing in the above list. Revisit us for more options.
Programing InstructionsFord F-150 Key Fob Programming Instructions
Save time and money by programming or reprogramming your key fob for your. You'll find the available programming instructions for your year, make and model remote below and it should only take you a few minutes to complete.

- 1994 Programming Instructions
- 1995 Programming Instructions
- 1996 Programming Instructions
- 1997 Programming Instructions
- 1998 Programming Instructions
- 1999 Programming Instructions
- 2000 Programming Instructions
- 2001 Programming Instructions
- 2002 Programming Instructions
- 2003 Programming Instructions
- 2004 Programming Instructions
- 2005 Programming Instructions
- 2006 Programming Instructions
- 2007 Programming Instructions
- 2008 Programming Instructions
- 2009 Programming Instructions

Leave us a comment if you're not finding what you need or would like to share some information about your vehicle's remote. We'd like to keep our site updated with all the latest information so if you see an error, let us know.

Brandon says:
Wow, that was a sigh of relief...I had in my mind that I'd be forking over $50 or better on a new key fob for my F-150. I love being wrong in this case and picked one up for only $10 (including shipping). Heck now that I'm thinking about it, I think I'll buy another just as a back up so I don't have to wait for it to get to me.
Jacqui says:
Just bought a used 2008 Ford F150 Lariat Supercrew cab p/u. Your listing shows four fobs. How can I determine which one is the correct one? Thank you.
Cheri Schultz says:
Is a Ford F150 2011 self programmable
richard says:
is the 2014 ford f 150 programable
lon says:
how do i program my 2013 f150 key fob
Ken McNeil says:
Just bought OEM.chip P/N: 1709 30-348 For my Ford 2011 F150 Canít find instruction for to Proram the Auto Key
Peter says:
For a 2011&2014 Ford F150 I used the programming for a 2010 first (made the buttons to work) then I did the one for a 2016 (made the key to start the truck) and it worked for me.

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