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Discount Avalanche Keyless Entry Remotes

More than likely your Chevy Avalanche can handle more than one keyless remote. Having more than one key fob makes life easier and safer. You’ll no longer need to call for a locksmith to come and unlock the keys left in your car or have to constantly trade off who has the keys in your family. To help you out, we’ve included a bunch of helpful information below so you can make the right selection. Check out these low priced keyless entry remotes below!

The list above is constantly changing. Check back soon for more updates.

Vehicle Years Key Fob FCC IDs Remote Part Numbers
2002 KOBLEAR1XT 15042968
2003 - 2006 LHJ011 21997127, 15186200, 15186201, 15132197, 15132198, 10377295, 22730827, 15186203
2007 - 2008 OUC 60270 15857835, 15857839, 15913415, 15913416, 15913420
2007 - 2010 OUC60270 15913420, 15913421

Not seeing your remote part number or FCC ID? Let us know what is missing and we'll add it to our site to help aid the search of our other visitors. We strive to be the best one stop site for all your key fob information.
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Programing InstructionsChevy Avalanche Key Fob Programming Instructions
Need help or directions to program your key fob? Below are some instructions on how to program your stock remote. Many times, reprogramming will only take a few minutes to complete and is a fairly easy process.

- No programming instructions available. -

Leave us a comment if you're not finding what you need or would like to share some information about your vehicle's remote. We'd like to keep our site updated with all the latest information so if you see an error, let us know.

Mila says:
I might be a little slow to realize this but I was surprised to see a friend with the same looking key fob as mine but they didn't have a Chevy Avalanche. Makes sense that multiple models from the same make could have the same remote. I'm a big Chevy fan so I might hang on to my spare fobs if I sell my Avalanche - they might work for the next vehicle.
Mike says:
I purchased a fob for my 2003 Avalanche on eBay. I have tried numerous times to program and also took it to a dealer. They could not get it to program, but when they brought a new OEM fob out, it programmed just fine. Not sure of the issue, but would like to resolve it.

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